Season Finale!

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Published on Mon, December 28 2015
Season Finale!

It’s BAQE Africa’s final episode of the season and we’re going out with a bang! The year we’ve seen some of the best of the best in Africa get in our faces and we want to take you down memory lane with a compilation of our favorites! On Fire brings you one of Kenya’s hottest female Hip Hop artists as Mr. Steal-Your-Girl Rampage is back for another tutorial on Streetball moves. The journey this year across the continent, chasing hoop culture has been an incredible one, for our Feature, BAQE takes you behind the scenes of the BAQE Roadtrip.

This Week on Professor

Episode 10 continued The Professor’s series on how to Score around the Rim. Prof breaks it down in to 6 moves that every player should master in order to be a lethal...

Scoring Around the Rim


This year’s Uganda premiere league playoffs have been insane! There is still no clear title holder but for the Ladies after this game it...

Featured Game of The Week

On Culture This Week

Streetball tutorials don’t get more down than with BAQE’s Up Your Game host, Rampage. Wanna improve your skills, impress the girls, make your friends look like fools?...

Streetball Tutorials: Rampage
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