Scoring Around the Rim

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Published on Wed, December 16 2015
Scoring Around the Rim

Episode 10 continued The Professor’s series on how to Score around the Rim. Prof breaks it down in to 6 moves that every player should master in order to be a lethal weapon around the rim.

The first move is a straight lay-up, the highest percentage shot in the game followed by the 2nd technique which is a lay-up off the jump shot. The third technique is a reverse lay-up and the 4th move is the Sky-Hook, a favorite of basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. If you feel like these first 4 are too easy then watch on to learn the final 2 techniques

Each move works best depending on the situation and the Professor makes sure you clearly understand when to use any of the techniques according to the defensive situation.

Master how to score around the rim and you’ll be sure to give any person who tries to defend you a massive headache!

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