Streetball Tutorials: Rampage

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Published on Sat, December 12 2015
Streetball Tutorials: Rampage

Streetball tutorials don’t get more down than with BAQE’s Up Your Game host, Rampage. Wanna improve your skills, impress the girls, make your friends look like fools? Then check out BAQE and the girl-stealing Rampage to learn some sick moves – then unleash them on your hood.

This week Rampage teaches you four street moves:

1) Zig Zag in and Out
There are three variations of the zig zag move, It is important to note that in every cross over only one foot moves. To make the in and out move, step to the left while pushing the ball with the right hand then get back to your original position. Remember, left foot moves in and out while the right foot remains firmly planted on the ground.

The other variation of zig-zag involves posing in a triple-threat position, bouncing the ball just outside your right foot, then bring the ball back behind the right foot. Check this out in our show, on Zuku Sports, Thursdays 8.30 pm.

2) Spin move
In this move you drive the ball towards the opponent’s rim, as soon as you feel the contact, spin clockwise and attack the rim. Remember it’s on Zuku.
3) Shake and Bake
The Shake and Bake move popularized by Jamal Crawford involves dribbling behind your back, side stepping and then attacking the rim. Thursdays, 8.30 pm

4) Shamguard
This move involves a quick switch in directions, you move to the right then diagonal. The first step is to push the ball to the right, second move is to slap the ball to the left before you attack the rim. To make it fancy you can fake stepping back just before your first move. On Zuku Sports, Channel

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