Silalei Dressed by Kunda

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Silalei Dressed by Kunda

BAQE’s Episode 27 saw Silalei do her links in Uganda and as such it was only right for her to be dressed by a local, up and coming fashion brand, Kunda. Kunda embraces Africa’s very own vitenge culture - creating modern on-trend, ferocious designs for the modern day person and possess an international appeal. It is proudly made and designed in Uganda with their products including blazers, maxi skirts, dresses, knee length skirts, and mini skirts.

Kitenge is an East African cotton fabric printed in various colours and distinctive pattern with its origin from Kiswahili "kitengele". The material has become quite popular in pop and urban culture and fashion with even fashion icons like Beyonce rocking the look. Many make modern, trendy outfits with the material whose designs also stand for courage and blood that is given to them by nature.

Silalei decided to go with a kitenge blazer and bracelets to complement a relaxed beach-side kind of look. To get any Kunda product in the heart of Kampala, Uganda go to Luwum street, Universal house, 1st floor, F09.

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