ON FIRE: DJ Adrian

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ON FIRE: DJ Adrian

BAQE got a chance to hang out with an award winning Kenyan spin master, DJ Adrian, who has had an illustrious career, travelled all over the world and also played basketball at the national level in Kenya hence the BAQE ultimate fan.

BAQE: What’s your real name? DJ Adrian: I’m Adrian Washika, I started out Deejaying as a hobby now its full time.

BAQE: What drew you to Deejaying? DJ Adrian: What captivated me was watching my dad play records on his small record player. It was just amazing when he one day asked me to change a record. I was so honored because not everyone would be allowed near it.

BAQE: Is that why you still deejay using records? DJ Adrian: I express myself best when working with records. It’s enticing and more hands-on compared to computers, you have to be really on point otherwise if you mess up you can’t press a button to go back to the cue point and that’s what I love most about my job!

BAQE: What’s your connection to basketball? DJ Adrian: I have always loved basketball, it has been my sport. When I was young we tried to emulate the likes of Jordan. I played basketball in high school and also played in the national league for Stanchart for about two years. I still play but I’m not as fast and agile as I used to be.

BAQE: Are you Rastafarian? DJ Adrian: Actually a lot of people think I am Rastafarian but I’m not, I just have long hair, which I have grown for about 13 years.

BAQE: Any other hobbies apart from music and basketball? DJ Adrian: I like restoring classic cars, its something I’m passionate about. I like the whole restoration process where you start from nothing, get the parts, do the bodywork, the paint until it becomes the final product you had pictured in your mind.

BAQE: What was the greatest challenge at the onset of your Deejaying career? DJ Adrian: Getting the vinyl, you had to buy overseas and have it shipped into the country but now everything is digital. You can download any song you want and computers now do mixing to a point you don’t even need headphones! I now have more gigs and fans than I did 7-10 years ago. Deejaying is a passion, I will keep doing because I love it!

BAQE: Any advice to upcoming DJ’s out there? DJ Adrian: Do it for passion, don’t necessarily do it for money. People should be able to feel you so that’s passion, its real, you can’t fake it.

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