Featured Game of The Week

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Published on Tue, December 29 2015
Featured Game of The Week

This year’s Uganda premiere league playoffs have been insane! There is still no clear title holder but for the Ladies after this game it has become much clearer. Star studded UCU Canons clashed against A1 Challenge for a ticket to the finals and on Gametime we bring you the highlights.

A1 Challenge’s biggest strength is in former UCU Lady Canons pillar, Moryn Amoding. Amoding is arguably the best 3 point shooter in Uganda and consistently a top scorer for A1 Challenge. A1 is a shorter team but when it comes to the paint they also rely on Vicky Ntale, captain of Uganda’s national women’s basketball team, to get physical and support Amoding on the offensive end.

The UCU Lady Canons have been a force to reckon with and the team to beat for the past 3 years. Much of their success has been set in stone thanks to the “Twin Towers”, Purity Odhiambo and Velma Awino. Both Kenyan nationals, these two post players have learned to play so well with each other that it’s difficult to know who to stop. Posting double double figures consistently in games, A1 don’t have any fighting chance at a win unless the figure out a way to slow these 2 post powerhouses down.
To watch the highlights, make sure you catch BAQE this week at 8.30pm on Zuku Sports

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