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The BAQE Fitness Challenge in Episode 23 featured a “ZUBL Rivalry Edition”. As the Zuku University Basketball League hits the road, rivalries from last season still hold and new ones are starting to crop up.

That’s why BAQE decided to bring things up a notch and introduce the ZUBL Rivalry Edition. In this episode the Mount Kenya University Nets went head to head with the Daystar University Falcons as they experienced the full fury of Mukabi-D’s workouts to burn their muscles and get their legs trembling.

The first challenge was the dribble and jump shot challenge followed by a drill to test the players’ pylometrics, passing skills, speed and agility capabilities. The last challenge was a one-on-one competition, as Mukabi-D talked trash from the sidelines, to decide who the winner finally was.

After those back breaking drills, MKU took home the overall victory after a clean sweep in every challenge, 14 points to MKU’s 11 points.


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