Aqua Fitness Test

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Aqua Fitness Test

Episode 16’s Fitness Challenge goes Aquatic! When it comes to fitness, BAQE’s hottest fitness instructor, Mukabi-D knows no limits or boundaries. For this episode, Mukabi-D tests 3 candidates on their “Determination to Win” in 3 workouts that test 1) Hand Eye Coordination, 2) Speed and Strength, and 3) Your Mind over Your Body.

The victims of this gruelling workout are Abu Amjaf, a basketball player and swimmer, Hanna Obure, a swimming coach, and last but certainly not least, Stephanie Mwaura who is a fitness trainer.

A lot of off season basketball training and rehabilitation programs involve swimming. Because it is a full-body exercise, getting in the pool is an effective way to strengthen and tone the muscles you will use on the hardwood.

Who comes out on top and is declared the BAQE Fitness Beast? It will surprise you, so make sure you catch the show!


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