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Kenyan University Basketball has taken it to the famous NBA Kiss Cam, with two diehard basketball fans taking it to the next level and getting hitched just before bitter uni rivals Zetech and Strathmore clashed at the Nyayo Gymnasium in Nairobi. Jack Gikere, a recent graduate from Daystar University and a basketball enthusiast walked out to the center of the court, whipped out a ring, went down on one knee and proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Serah Bomett.

Serah who was seated on the packed-out terraces was overcome by emotion and had to be led onto the court by friends. She accepted Jack’s marriage proposal much to the delight of spectators in the huge opening-night crowd, who cheered them on.The engagement, which was captured by BAQE (ba-kay, the African Basketball Show) cameras on the opening night of the Zuku University Basketball League (ZUBL) season, has taken the Kenyan social media scene by storm.

Due to the ongoing interest in the “BAQE Love Story”, I managed to get in touch with the couple and conduct an impromptu interview.

Man what you did requires balls, weren’t you afraid she might turn you down before all the people and cameras?

Jack: Actually, it took lots of courage on my part. However, I was quite positive Serah would say ‘Yes’. We’ve been planning to get married for quite some time, hence I was under immense pressure to propose. She wanted a candlelight dinner but I felt that was kinda mainstream. My biggest fear was how the crowd would react. You know Kenyans have not fully embraced the romance culture.

What was your first thought when Jack went down on his knee?

Serah: My first thought was, ‘what is he doing kneeling down?’ Immediately after that, I thought, ‘wait, is this really happening?’

Did you see it coming?

Serah: No I didn’t. In fact, it took a lot of convincing to get me to the ZUBL launch because I was worried the games would end very late but he convinced me to go cheer on the Daystar Falcons, something we haven’t done since we graduated and moved to Nakuru.

Why did you choose that particular moment, during the ZUBL Launch, to pop the question?

Jack: I attended the first ZUBL matchup between Daystar and MKU and it was phenomenal! That was the crowd I need. When I learnt of a rematch between the two, I decided to grab the opportunity to propose on the court where I first met her. In addition, Serah used to play for the varsity basketball team!

Jack, what prompted your decision to walk Serah down the aisle?

Jack: All I have gone through with Serah is memorable. She has been there for me during my lowest moments and my highest moments in life. The love she has given me is comparable to none. I am so honoured to have her by my side and do this for her. I LOVE YOU,SERAH!

How did your family and friends react to the news of your proposal?

Jack: My friends and family loved it. I was glad I had friends and family that night at Nyayo. Seeing them crying and screaming at her was something beautiful. I have been getting congratulatory messages ever since. Thank you ZUBL and BAQE for making it happen.GOD BLESS!

Serah: Our family and friends have been so supportive. Our phones have been ringing non-stop since Friday.

When is the wedding?

Serah: Our wedding will be this month! On the 24th. Yes we were planning for our wedding before he proposed. I was wondering if he would propose but at some point I told myself whether he does or not, it’s fine. That was my way of dealing with the anxiety.

Congratulations Jack and Serah! BAQE wishes you guys a marriage blessed with Love, Joy and Companionship for all the years of your life!

What do you think about BAQE and basketball in general?

Jack: I don’t play basketball, nonetheless I am a big fan of the game and BAQE is the only show that gives basketball enthusiasts like me, not only in Kenya but across the continent, a taste of the sport especially varsity basketball. Now BAQE will always be a part of our lives.

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