Self- Confessed Dunkaholic

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Published on Mon, February 15 2016
Self- Confessed Dunkaholic

Y’all. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the weekend that was. And I’m not talking about your steamy Valentine’s plans. Matter of fact, can the bball heads please just confess that the only romantic element of Sunday was the bromance we witnessed from the sidelines of the dunk competition. We’ll make it up to our partners later.

Speaking of, word on the street is that the 2016 dunk contest goes down with the all-time greats of basketball history. We’re talking Jordan vs. Dominique vs Dr. J great. The bar has now been set for at least the next decade or two because honestly I’m not sure who can out dunk Zach LaVine OR Aaron Gordon who’s loss to Lavine can actually be up for debate. I mean how about that dunk where Gordon literally sat on the mascots head with both his legs over the mascot, ball under the legs dunk! Shaq had to reach for the towel, Mutombo’s lips were flapping everywhere and the gym was a roar.

Then LaVine hit us with the throwback Jordan from the free throw line but wait that’s not all, he threw in a windmill. And did it with a resting face. Guys let’s be honest, that is borderline juju. I’ve watched the video like 15 times back-to-back. A whole book can be written about the dunk contest alone …but I just had to take a moment.

I love this game.

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