Khaligraph Jones

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Published on Thu, November 05 2015
Khaligraph Jones

This week BAQE got a chance to hang out with Khaligraph Jones who just released a sick diss track that has received lots of praise across the country, ladies and gentlemen you can’t afford to miss this week’s episode of BAQE with Papa Jones ON FIRE!

Khaligraph was born and raised in Kayole, an estate in Nairobi synonymous with high-rate of crime, drugs and marauding gangs. Growing in a tough neighborhood did not stop Khaligraph from going after his dream of being a rapper thanks to an older brother who was active in the Kenyan music scene back in early 2000’s.
Khalighraph is a true basketball fan evident in how he dresses from jerseys to Jordans. The truly talented musicians revealed to BAQE that it takes him 15-25 minutes to write a song plus the hook, can you believe that?
His advice to upcoming artists, “Rome was not built in one day, if you put in the hard work, be patient and maintain positive energy, a time will come when you will shine and nobody is going to take that away from you”

Watch the complete Khaligraph interview on BAQE on Thursday at 8:30pm


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