The Fitness Challenge, Hosted by Mukabi-D.

"The BAQE Fitness Challenge” dares players, viewers, sport fanatics - anyone who likes to get their heart rate up - to be put to the test by our Extreme Fitness Coach, “The Terminator” - Mukabi-D. Mukabi-D, hosts this segment on BAQE by setting up workouts to test speed, agility, and endurance. From gin-clear swimming pools to grimy gyms, from football pitches to basketball courts, Mukabi-D will put you through your paces. He’s looking for contenders who will take on the challenge and tone up their bodies and learn new exercises - and be featured in our weekly BAQE segment, Up Your Game. As Mukabi-D constantly reminds those who dare to take him on: "You are born weak and die weak, what you are in between those two periods of time is up to you!"

This Week On Fitness Challenge

Boxing vs Basketball Fitness Test

Boxing vs Basketball Fitness Test

Mukabi-D has tested some of East Africa’s best athletes on courts, race tracks, rugby pitches and in the water. For this episode of BAQE he kicks things up a notch in the gym with candidates, Jeremy Opiyo, a basketball player in the Zuku University Basketball League in Kenya, and Boniface Maina, a professional boxer.

It’s the “300 work-out” for Jeremy and Boniface as their limits will be put to the test by Box Jumps, Pull Ups, Barbell...

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