Player Profile: George Mandela aka Air-Rated

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Player Profile: George Mandela aka Air-Rated

At BAQE, we pride ourselves in using our platform as a premier African basketball show to not only feature established players but also untapped talent. This week we feature George Mandela, who in 2011 was voted the best dunker in East and Central Africa.

Mandela won the dunking championship after making a phenomenal dunk at the Nyayo gymnasium court before the eyes of 3000+ excited fans. He asked a friend to take a plastic seat and table to the court, then asked him to put the seat on the table and have his young brother sit on it as the fans watched in awe! Mandela then took a couple of steps back then began running towards the rim with a ball in the hands. Tension in the gymnasium was palpable as fans stood up, eyes wide open, some with their hands on their heads watching what was about to unfold. Mandela jumped over the table, seat, kid’s head and made the basket - whipping the crowd into a frenzy in the process.

Sport runs deep in Mandela’s family and even his grandmother was a great sportswoman. Lydia Adhiambo, Mandela’s mother, played football, handball and netball at national level. Mandela’s younger sister, Georgia Adhiambo, plays for USIU-A basketball team as the main point guard - though it could be argued she had an advantage in being mentored by her insanely talented brother.

Mandela can sometimes be seen performing with Shutdown Streetball, a team that specializes in streetball - a form of basketball that doesn’t (yet) feature a national league. He also runs a small-scale business to pay the bills.

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